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Shop The Latest Eyewear Collection From Optica

Optica is the leading eyeglasses store in Uganda. We offer a one-stop solution for all your eyeglass needs. From sunglasses to contact lenses and spectacles, we ensure safe and secure delivery along with convenient payment methods. We offer sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women, that are available in a variety of colors and styles. If you want to try out contact lenses, then you can pick your favorite from a variety of coloured contact lenses that are available in our store. 

Gone are the days when you could only purchase eyeglasses because of poor vision caused by increased screen time and blue block lenses,  now you can purchase the eyeglasses of your choice from Optica’s online store.

The style of eyeglass frames has evolved, over the years. From a tool that could just be worn as a necessity to a stylish accessory that feels and looks good. Once you shop from Optica, you will be able to choose from exciting and appealing colours and styles.

We have curated a collection of eyewear that is available in many styles and colours. You will find a diverse range of spectacle frames like cat-eye, wayfarers, vintage round-shaped, and aviator spectacles in our eyeglasses store. Additionally, you can order glasses online by browsing through our website. We offer several brands that are of the best quality, and at an affordable rate.

Give Our Online Eyeglasses Store A Try!

One of the best, and most convenient, ways to find out the latest range of eyeglasses is to browse online. You can go through our online store, from the comfort of your couch, and choose your favourite eyeglasses with minimal effort. Once you place your order of eyeglasses online, we will ensure that your purchase is delivered safely and quickly.

The Various Types Of Eyeglasses:

 Here are some popular eyeglass styles that you can choose from when shopping from our online eyeglasses store:

Cat-eye Frames:

The cat-eye glasses are a crowd favourite when it comes to spectacles frames for ladies. It is a retro classic that includes exaggerated rims, bold colours like turquoise, maroon, and emerald green, along with a crystalline body that looks sleek and feminine. The cat-eye glasses suit almost every face type too.

Thin and Lightweight Frames:

When you are looking for prescription or non-prescription glasses that are minimal and stylish, then the thin and lightweight frames are a great choice! There is an understated elegance that comes with thin frames. They are also personal favourite for many because of their chic look and formal vibe. 


The Aviators are refined and lightweight, and when it comes to spectacles frames for men and women it’s a perfect choice. This is a great style for people who like to keep their accessories minimal and simple. 

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