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Revamp Your Workwear Aesthetic with These 4 Classy Eyewears

by Eric Gathoni

Revamp Your Workwear Aesthetic with These 4 Classy Eyewears

What you wear to your work defines your personality and influence. We now live in an era where professional attire is becoming quite flexible for casual wear. However, you cannot go too wild with your workwear, as you would need to prioritize your work over your dressing sense.

An integral part of your workwear includes the eyeglasses you pick to match your attire. The eyewear can either make or break your look and present you as either influential or irresponsible. Your eyewear is one of the first accessories that your colleagues will notice. It can make a classic first impression and imprint your persona in your co-workers’ minds.

You thus need eyeglasses frames that are both versatile and classy. You want your eyewear to reflect that you mean business but are approachable as well. The perfect spectacles can elevate the aura you carry around you and paint a picture of confidence on your face.

Here are 4 classy eyeglasses that you can get for your professional life to revamp your workwear aesthetics. The key feature has to be versatility along with elegance and professionalism.

  • Rimless - rectangular or oval

  • This has to be your top and the most obvious pick if you are looking for professional eyeglasses. Rimless spectacles have long been in use within the corporate world because they tend not to attract too much attention. Most of your face shows, and one can easily read the facial expression given the clear glass of the eyewear constitutes the rimless spectacle.

    The designs are majorly unisex. Men can get the rectangular patterns while women can go for both rectangular or oval. Rimless eyeglasses go well with almost any corporate attire - be it the meeting-filled Wednesdays or casual Fridays. And for those after-work hangouts or unofficial meetings, you do not need to change your eyewear because rimless spectacles can blend seamlessly with any attire for any occasion. Versatility and class reside together in rimless spectacles.

    Rimless - rectangular or oval

  • Thick frame rectangular glasses

  • Modern-day CEOs seem to like thick frame rectangular eyeglasses - think Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai. For a professional look, you can opt for either thick or rectangular as you wish because thick black frames go well with a solid formal shirt and a corporate blazer. Men have a variety of options when it comes to thick-framed spectacles. For women, the perfect eyeglass in this category depends on your face cut.

    Black should be your colour of choice given that you are buying professional eyeglasses. Brown of any shade can also look classy. However, if you run the company and wish to maintain a fun demeanour about yourself, get a white thick frame rectangular eyewear and pair it with casual attire.

    Thick frame rectangular glasses

  • Cat-eye eyeglasses

  • Cat-eye spectacles for women are in style, and if you wear one to the office, you will surely stand out for your fashion sense. Cat-eye eyeglasses, again, go with almost every corporate attire, and you can couple them with formal shirts or classy skirts. They make you look sharp and focused, who know how to get the job done, and yet carry a warm enigma around you.

    Look for cat-eye eyeglasses online, and you will get both the thick-framed and metallic designs. Black suits both thick-framed and metallic cat-eye spectacles. Be sure to look into the shape of the cat-eye spectacle. The oval ones are the best for professional use, while the shaper spectacles tend to become more casual.

     Cat-eye eyeglasses

  • Full-frame metallic spectacles

  • For something unique and truly professional, get the metallic full-frame eyeglasses to compliment your workwear aesthetics. Almost all shapes look good with formal attire. You can get square with rounded edges, oversized round spectacles, rectangular, geometric, oval and others. The aviator style adds the much-need class and elegance. And again, you can pair these with almost any business attire.

    Full-frame metallic spectacles suit both men and women. Most designs are unisex and suit almost any face type. Buy a metallic eyeglass with a silver frame to always look classy, or go for gold to bring about a retro professional vibe. Even black metallic frames can take elegance to another level, given your corporate attire for the day.

    Optica is currently a storehouse of stylish professional eyeglasses online for men and women. Get designer spectacles from the top brands that suit your specific needs and fashion statement. The eyeglass you wear defines your outfit, and it can introduce you to the professional setting even before you start to speak. Workwear aesthetics remain incomplete without the proper eyewear. Find the last piece of the puzzle in your nearest Optica branch and arrive at work in style.

    Full-frame metallic spectacles